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pocket-watch key

Pocket-watch keys

Keys with turned, brass nickel-plated steel shaft and stamped brass handle.
nameversionNo.squareunititem No.
keypocketwatches11.801 pair041101
keypocketwatches21.751 pair041102
keypocketwatches31.651 pair041103
keypocketwatches41.601 pair041104
keypocketwatches51.51 pair041105
keypocketwatches61.401 pair041106
keypocketwatches71.301 pair041107
keypocketwatches81,201 pair041108
keypocketwatches91.151 pair041109
keypocketwatches101.051 pair041110
keypocketwatches111,001 pair041111
keypocketwatches120.951 pair041112

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