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O-Ring standard

round RLX bestfit gaskets

content per unit: 2 pce

nameoutside-Øinside diameterthicknessRLX No.item No.
Falte 24022.5020.800.8029.208.8015240
Falte 24123.0021.500.8029.215.8015241
Falte 24222.6021.600.5029.216.5015242
Falte 24326.6025.000.8029.250.8015243
Falte 24429.0027.001.0029.270015244
Falte 24630.6029.000.8029.290.8015246
Falte 24731.4029.800.8029.298.8015247
Falte 24831.7030.300.7029.303.8015248
Falte 24932.8031.200.8029.312.8015249
Falte 25033.7031.701.0029.317.10015250
Falte 25133.8032.200.8029.322.10015251
Falte 25234.5032.501.0029.325.10015252
Falte 25335.3033.700.8029.337.8015253
Falte 25435.7033.701.0029.337.10015254
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