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alarm clocks with end hooks

Clock springs with end hook for alarm clocks

Clock springs - Made in Germany - of top quality.
namewidthØthicknessversionmanufactureitem No.
clock spring1.80140.16Alarm clockKienzle 174090408
clock spring1.80150.20Alarm clockEuropa 101090410
clock spring2.20140.16Alarm clockEmes 20090420
clock spring2.40150.17Alarm clockKienzle 172090430
clock spring2.50110.10Alarm clockImhof 249090547
clock spring2.70170.18Alarm clockLooping 81090586
clock spring2.80180.25walk clockEuropa 101090440
clock spring2.80330.29walk clockHebdomas 101090540
clock spring2.90160.14Alarm clockImhof 549090549
clock spring3.00160.22walk clockEmes 20090446
clock spring3.00180.22walk clockImhof 219090544
clock spring3.00180.23walk clockKienzle 174090450
clock spring3.30210.20walk clockImhof 518090556
clock spring3.40180.21walk clockSwiza 48090596
clock spring3.40180.23walk clockKienzle 172090460
clock spring3.60210.20walk clockLooping 62/65090583
clock spring3.60210.26walk clockEuropa 00090464
clock spring3.80220.19walk clockLe Coultre 219090520
clock spring3.80210.24walk clockMauthe 52090468
clock spring3.80400.30walk clockKienzle 161/5090568
clock spring4.00120.15Alarm clockLooping 50/51090581
clock spring4.00210.26walk clockArogono 7320090503
clock spring4.00200.23walk clockCyma R10090505
clock spring4.00190.25walk clockOris 430090590
clock spring4.10170.21walk clockLe Coultre 240090522
clock spring4.20170.20walk clockJunghans 704090476
clock spring4.50400.30walk clockKienzle 162/5090570
clock spring4.60200.22walk clockAngelus 190090500
clock spring4.60210.26walk clockImhof 949090552
clock spring4.70170.20walk clockLooping 50/51090580
clock spring5.00210.25walk clockCyma R8-15090510
clock spring5.20430.31walk clockKienzle 150/5090572
clock spring5.50210.26walk clockImhoff 544090550
clock spring5.50210.27walk clockOris 800090592
clock spring5.70330.26walk clockImhof 948090551
clock spring5.80230.23walk clockLooping 81090587
clock spring6.00210.24walk clockSwiza 8090595
clock spring7.00360.27walk clockJunghans 46090562

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