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oils and grease

High-quality greases and oils for barrels or mainsprings.
  • Lubrifiant 8200
    Classic mainspring grease for watchmakers and precision mechanics
    namecontentsmanufacturetypeversionitem No.
    watch grease20 mlMoebius8200Universal581610
    watch grease50 mlMoebius8200Universal581613
  • Lubrifiant 8207
    Classic mainspring grease - with graphite
    nameversionmanufacturecontentstypeitem No.
    watch greasemit GraphitMoebius50 ml8207581614
  • Glissalube 8212 + 8213
    Special grease for automatic mainsprings.
    nameversionmanufacturecontentstypeitem No.
    grease Glissalube Bfür Aluminium-FHMoebius20 ml8212581612
    grease Glissalube Afür Messing-FHMoebius20 ml8213581611
  • winding spring oil
    nameversionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    clock oilwinder-spring oilDr. Tillwich Etsynthawith graphite oil50 ml581510
  • Klüber P125
    nameapplicationcontentsitem No.
    Klüber P125barrel5 g581638
  • Etsyntha 859-8 + PTFE
    nametypeversionaddition 1manufacturecontentsitem No.
    precision greaseClock 859-8for mainspring barrelsmit PTFEDr. Tillwich Etsyntha7g581528
  • part-synthetic oils
    The partynthetic oils replace the existing Classic oils.
    nameversionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    clock oilwall /clocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 3-520 ml581504
    clock oilwall /clocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaNos. 3-5100 ml581505
  • Clock 859
    nameversionmanufacturetypecontentsitem No.
    clock oil (dispenser)clocks with dispenserDr. Tillwich EtsynthaClock 8598 ml581527
    clock oilclocksDr. Tillwich EtsynthaClock 85910 ml581526
  • Lubristyl
    namemanufacturecontentsitem No.
    oilerLubristyl3.5 ml510674
    refillLubristyl15 ml510675

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