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mounting accessories

  • seat board wood
    nameversionmaterialitem No.
    seatboardfor grandfather clock movementwood095088
  • seat board universal
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    seat boardfor regulatorsUniversal095082
  • seat board Hermle
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    seat boardfor regulatorslong base095090
  • stable hook
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    stable hookfor factory slidesincl. Nut095089
  • blind circcuit
    nameversionadditionitem No.
    blind circcuitfor Hermle 130-xxxmade of metal063090
    blind circcuitfor Hermlemade of metal800002001370
  • dial feets
    nameversionBundle lengthTotal lengthitem No.
    dial feetsfor regulators14mm20mm095095
    dial feetsfor regulators22mm28mm095096
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