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Etsyntha 859-8 + PTFE

precision grease

Dr. Tillwich Etsyntha Precision Grease Clock 859-8 + PTFE

The synthetic clock grease from Dr. Tillwich "Etsyntha" is a German quality product based on synthetic mineral oils with high pressure absorption capacity and excellent aging stability. A special thickener combination out of metallic soaps, anti-separation-gel and micro PTFE particles guarantees high adhesion, an optimized oil separation behavior and a strong reduction of stick-slip effects. Very low friction coefficients. Clock-Grease 859-8 + PTFE is free of silicones.

For metal bearings in clock movements, counters, alarm clocks, helical gear trains, measuring devices, precision gears, mainsprings, plotters, printers. For all brass/steel bearings from 0.1 to 10 mm diameter (0.004 to 3/8 inches). For barrels, clicks, guidances,

Technical data:
Pour point: -20°C temperature
Application range: -10 to +80 °C 

nameprecision grease

typeClock 859-8

versionfor mainspring barrels

addition 1mit PTFE

manufactureDr. Tillwich Etsyntha


item No.581528

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