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Corals are ornaments of organic origin. They mainly consist of reefs, atolls, and coral reefs, with multiple forgiveness. However, only the upper ends are used as jewellery stones.

Color: red
Mos hardness: 3.0-4.0
Density: 2.6-2.7
Transparency: penetrating, opaque
Fracture: irregular, splintered, brittle.
nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
coral3,0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490930
coral3,5 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490935
coral4.0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490940
coral4,5 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490945
coral5.0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490950
coral5,5 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490955
coral6.0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490960
coral7.0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490970
coral8.0 mmreal, genuineRound ball1490980

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