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nameversionsizemanufacturecontentsitem No.
colletQuick-changeØ 2.35 mmBadeco1 piece694050
colletstandardØ 0.55 mmBadeco1 piece694021
colletstandardØ 0.80 mmBadeco1 piece694022
colletstandardØ 1.05 mmBadeco1 piece694023
colletstandardØ 1.55 mmBadeco1 piece694024
colletstandardØ 2.05 mmBadeco1 piece694025
colletstandardØ 2.35 mmBadeco1 piece694026
colletstandardØ 2.55 mmBadeco1 piece694027
colletstandardØ 3.05 mmBadeco1 piece694028
colletstandardØ 3.20 mmBadeco1 piece694029
colletsstandardAssortmentBadeco9 pieces692048

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