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leak detection

In a transparent, sealed cylinder, overpressure or vacuum is generated by means of a compressor or pump and immersed in the suspended test clock for a few seconds under water. Slowly the compressed air is let out of the cylinder and the pressure equalization causes air bubbles to rise at the leak points in leaking watch cases.
  • Bergeon newtech
    with high-pressure.
    nameversionmeasuring rangemanufacturetypeitem No.
    leak testerw. handpump + airpressure connectionuntill 11 barBergeon5555/10609463
    pressure connectionBergeon5555/10609206
    gasket setWaterproof testerBergeon5555/10609207
  • Greiner WPL 610
    with high-pressure for watches untill Ø 60mm
    nameversionmeasuring rangemanufacturetypeitem No.
    leak testerw. air pressure connectionuntill 10 barGreinerWPL610609443
    watch holderfor 2 watchesGreinerstandard609436
    watch holderfor 1 watchGreinerBig-Size609432
  • Roxer Diabolic E
    under vacuum.
    nameversionMeasuring vacuummanufacturetypeitem No.
    leak testerwith integrated pump200-550 mbarRoxerDiabolic E611310

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