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RX (Generic)

Nivaflex automatic mainsprings for wristwatches (Bestfit)

Nivaflex mainsprings from Boley for automatic winders.
namewidthØthicknesscalibreitem No.
3156x1.277.750,071RX 2130/2135 (Generic)82031560
2825x1.1611.20.115RX 3130/3135/3155/3175/3185 (Generic)82028250
3077x1.2412.50.146RX 4030 (Generic)82030770
3092x1.257.50.085RX 2030/2035 (Generic)82030920
3318x1.3011.00.12RX 1520/1530/1570 (Generic)82033180
3676x1.4011.20.10RX 3000 (Generic)82036760
3692x1.4011.80.106RX 3030/3035/3055/3075/3085 (Generic)82036920
3992x1.4511.80.112RX 4130 (Generic)82039920
4027x1.4610.00.72RX 2230/2235 (Generic)82040270

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