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crimp covers

Laminating balls form the perfect finish for working with jewellery wire. Simply place the ball around the loose wire end and press with the crimping pliers.
  • nameØPosalloyunititem No.
    crimp covers4.0mm3polished-silver plated10/50424941
    crimp covers5.0 mm3polished-silver plated10/50424971
    crimp covers6.0 mm3polished-silver plated10/50424981
    crimp covers4.0mm2brillant silver plated10/50424942
    crimp covers5.0 mm2brillant silver plated10/50424972
    crimp covers6.0 mm2brillant silver plated10/50424982
    crimp covers4.0mm1grooved - silver plated10/50424943
  • nameØPosalloyunititem No.
    crimp covers4.0mm3polished - gold plated10/50424841
    crimp covers5.0 mm3polished - gold plated10/50424871
    crimp covers6.0 mm3polished - gold plated10/50424881
    crimp covers4.0mm2brilliant - gold-plated10/50424842
    crimp covers5.0 mm2brilliant - gold-plated10/50424872
    crimp covers4.0mm1grooved .- gold plated10/50424843
  • assortment
    nameØalloycontentsitem No.
    end caps4,0mm-6,0mmsilver-plated, gold-plated120 pieces424891

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