Award 2021

Thank you very much for your choice!

420 retailers, jewellers, goldsmiths and watchmakers voted in the trade magazine "Blickpunkt Juwelier" with 12,650 answers and chose the best suppliers 2020/2021 from 39 categories.

GEBRÜDER BOLEY was awarded the title of "BEST SUPPLIER 2020/2021" in no less than FIVE CATEGORIES:

• Jewellery & Small Watch Spare Parts
• Batteries
• Workshop supplies & machines
• Care & cleaning supplies
• Ear Piercing

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your awards motivate us very much to continue to work as customer- and service-oriented as you have been used to from us so far.

As a 100% professional partner of the watch and jewellery industry, we do not sell our products directly or indirectly to end consumers, but only to our long-term business partners. And this will remain so!

For more than 160 years, we have been acting as an "extended workbench" for your daily watch and jewellery needs, delivering on a day-to-day basis according to the motto "Everything from One Source". More than 7,500 specialist trade customers throughout Europe trust our service and order their daily requirements from Gebrüder Boley – mostly online at With currently between 800-1,000 shipments daily, we are one of the "big players" in Europe's watch and jewellery industry.

We are very pleased to be one of the BEST.


Christian & Michael Lutz
with the entire BOLEY team
Premium Line

Experience our new workbench concept!

"Flexbo 3.0 - the next generation..."

... the innovative workbench concept,with individual equipment for your workshop...

- made in Germany!

Our watchmaker's, goldsmith's and setter's workbenches are now available in the Premium Line. The work surfaces and the bench fronts are made of solid beech. To refine the surface, they are stained several times to achieve an optimal colour balance.

Perfect your spatial concept:
We offer you maximum individuality through freely selectable system components that can be easily adapted to any workshop concept. Timeless design, highest quality and well thought-out functionality - made in Germany. We are your competent partner when it comes to your workshop equipment.

We set standards:
Our Flexbo equipment lines offer you as watchmaker, goldsmith or diamondsetter the most innovative workbenches for your workshop. A wide range of individual accessories gives you the greatest possible flexibility. So - Flex it!

Impressive in function and design:
With the different equipment packages you can supplement your Flexbo workshop equipment according to your specific workplace requirements or personal style.

Example of standard equipment watchmaker:
• Flexbo 3.0 - ergonomic working
• 3D armrests - freely moveable in leather look
• Multifunctional centre drawer - additional storage space
• Pull-out board made of solid wood - for stripping, bracelet assemblage or change the battery between
• Insertion device for the filling pin - for sawing
• High-end drawers - with full extension and soft close
• Power supply - 5-way multiple socket with 2 USB ports
• Professional cable management on the back


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Online support

Online technical support

Arrange an online product demonstration or a support appointment now.

Are you interested in products from the BOLEY range or do you need technical support?

Then you can now have the devices of your choice demonstrated online by our experts from the comfort of your desk or workstation! Or you can describe your technical problem to us and we will join you via video link.

Your advantage:
• First-hand expert knowledge
• Professional personal advice
• Convenient and easy from home
• Time-saving and flexible
• Free of charge

This new online offer is made possible by the uncomplicated Microsoft Teams software, which you can simply start on your computer.

Are you curious?

Then contact BOLEY customer service to arrange an appointment or clarify further questions.

Registration for technical product support: 

And this is how it works:
• You contact us by email and describe your request.
• We will contact you by phone or email, discuss the subject area and agree on a mutually desired date.
• You will receive a team invitation by email.
• On the agreed date, click on the link in the invitation and you will automatically be connected to our cameras.
• Ideally, you will also have a camera, microphone and loudspeaker connected directly to your PC. Otherwise you can also connect via telephone.
• You do not need any additional software except an up-to-date internet browser.

Battery Rewards 2021

What reward can it be?

Take advantage of our premium Rewards battery campaign for the year 2021 and secure your personal annual bonus Right now.

You have the choice between ENERGIZER, RENATA or MURATA battery packs and get your desired premium free of charge when purchasing 1, 2 or 3 packages (see pdf for conditions of participation).

The purchase of these packages can be spread over the whole year 2021 according to your individual battery requirements. The final invoice for the annual premium will only be issued at the end of 2021.

These battery packs cannot be combined with other premium promotions. Delivery while stocks last!

Kärcher KHB 6 Battery-Medium Pressure Cleaner
• No power connection? No problem! Maximum flexibility with the KÄRCHER KHB 6 pressure cleaner
• Efficient and ideally matched
• Pressure max. 24 bar

Tefal OptiGrill Elite GC750D
• Perfect grilling results with smart technology and intuitive grill wizards
• Grillboost function for impressive grill stripes
• Endless possibilities with automatic program
• Dishwasher-safe milk container

Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO 40
• Measurement of oxygen saturation
• Determination of heart rate (pulse) and perfusion index (PI)
• Small and lightweight - for home and on the move 


be curious!
Benefit from BOLEY Battery Rewards in the New Year 2021 as well

In the new year you will again have the choice between three attractive battery rewards. We have selected the battery rewards with great care and they will all come from premium brand manufacturers. Without exception, these are practical articles of daily use that are currently the focus of interest.

The purchase of the ENERGIZER, MURATA and RENATA battery packs will follow a tried-and-tested pattern: spread the purchase of the packs over the entire year 2021 according to your individual battery requirements. The final settlement of the annual rewards will then only take place at the end of 2021.

You can already look forward to the presentation of these rewards at the beginning of January 2021, which is also the start date for this annual battery premium campaign.
Turn of the year

We are still here for you!

Dear customers,

despite the Germany-wide lockdown from 16.12.2020, nothing will change for you:

Our company will continue to be open for you and our sales and advisory team will be available to you during the usual opening hours by telephone, e-mail or via Boley Chat / Messager.

Our company will be closed from 24.12.2020 to 03.01.2021 inclusive. However, our online shop will of course remain open around the clock for you.

We thank you for your understanding - take care!

Your team from Gebrüder BOLEY

advents calendar

You can look forward to our online advent calendar.

Don't miss the launch on 30 November 2020!

Discover our Advent calendar 2020 and look forward to many little surprises! Behind every door are gifts or high-quality products at a special price or with an attractive free gift.

But beware! The offer is only valid for this day and expires with the next door. Set off with us for the Christmas countdown and visit our online shop every day. Secure the Advent offer for yourself.

Our calendar starts on the 1st of December and ends on the 24th of December 2010. We have reserved 24 useful products from all product groups for you and calculated them sharply.

Interview with Elma

Mr Bonillo, sales manager Elma, answers our question

Boley interviewed the head of sales united, Mr. M. Bonillo, at the ultrasonic manufacturer Elma in Singen about the new product EC95.

How did the idea for the new development of the EC90 come about?

Mr. Bonillo:
It was developed on the basis of customer requirements. The customers asked for a powerful cleaner in order to be able to remove polishing paste and wear dirt quickly. In addition, the cleaner had to be as odourless as possible, brightening, highly concentrated, effective at room temperature and ultimately biodegradable.

What are the advantages of the EC90 compared to, for example, EC95 or Elma 1:9?

Mr Bonillo:
The Elma EC95 is currently our strongest cleaner for robust materials. Only aluminium and light metal alloys as well as transport as hazardous goods are subject to restrictions. This was the task for the Elma EC90, which is additionally suitable for soft stones, aluminium, light metal alloys and unrestricted transport by road, air and sea. Our ammoniacal Elma 1:9 with the main application in watch movement cleaning in watch cleaning machines completes the programme in a sensible way.

0% Mercury

Murata celebrates its 15th anniversary.

Murata celebrates 15 years of the world's first mercury-free battery?

Murata is celebrating 15 years of mercury-free watch battery production at its battery business unit. Mercury is an environmental pollutant and very harmful to flora, fauna and ecosystems. It is also harmful to human health and puts developing foetuses and young children particularly at risk.

In 1977, Murata startet the production of silver oxide batteries and in 2004, the world's first mercury-free button cell was invented, with mass production commencing in 2005. To date, Murata has produced over 4 billion mercury-free silver oxide micro-batteries, saving 3,200 kg of mercury from potentially leaking into the environment from spent batteries.

Murata is widely recognised by major watch brands as the manufacturer with the world's highest market share in watch batteries. The entire Citizen group, for example, relies on Murata button cells as original equipment. With Sony's withdrawal from the battery business, Murata established itself as an independent battery brand in 2019 in the micro battery market.

Murata also manufactures a wide range of electronic components, including capacitors and sensors, and is the world leader in Bluetooth™ and WiFi™ modules. Murata was founded in Japan in 1944.
watch service

Actively advertise for your watch service!

Most watch and jewellery shops are still closed. So use your free time to position yourself appropriately after the "shutdown" and actively promote your watch and jewellery service in the workshop - online and offline.

Gebrüder Boley will provide you with various image material free of charge for the

Professional bracelet replacement
Professional battery replacement
General workshop work

which you can download or request by email at Now more than ever, it is important to emphasize the service advantages of your own workshop and to promote them aggressively. We want to contribute to this with the enclosed pictures.

Stay healthy!

Your Boley Team

>>> download <<<


Boley Official representation in Europe!

Did you know...

That since August 1, 2020, Gebrüder Boley has been the official representative in Europe for all HERMLE spare parts and large movements.

In addition, we have been supporting the spare parts service of other large clock manufacturers such as Kieninger, SBS, Regula, etc. for many years and keep an extensive spare parts warehouse available for you.

Recently we have significantly expanded the calibre database for large clockworks. In our online shop you will find a wealth of information for your daily movement service for large clocks such as original illustrations, exploded views and parts lists.

Simply bundle your requirements and order your large clock parts together with your regular spare parts orders.

Tracking and tracing

Where is my order?

Always keep an eye on your order and always know the status of your shipment. 

As soon as we receive your order, you can already see the picking status at the light of the traffic lights. A yellow signal means that your order is in the warehouse and is currently being assembled, green traffic lights indicate that the shipment is already packed and on its way to you. 

Did you know that the processing time of your order between incoming and outgoing goods takes only 10 minutes on average?

We have now also integrated a tracking function. With a simple click you will be forwarded directly to the carrier of your shipment and can thus track the progress of your shipment exactly.

Langer Patent X

Inquired at the manufacturer

Boley has made himself smart for you at Langer Magnetschließen and was able to elicit some interesting news and information from the Aichhorn couple.

Gebr. Boley:

How did the idea for the new patent "X" come about?

Aichorn/Langer Magnetschließen:

When wearing bracelets with magnetic clasps, they often attracted magnetic objects such as paper clips, which was perceived as annoying. We wanted to avoid this effect with the development of patent "X". To achieve this, we bundle and center the magnetic force inwards and simultaneously reduce the magnetic radiation outwards. In addition, the demand for ever smaller strong magnets is unbroken.


What are the advantages of patent "X"?


The shielded magnetic clasp, whose magnetic force is centered in the middle, has a higher pulling force. In addition, the outer shell is better protected and magnetic parts do not get caught. This makes it ideally suited as a bracelet clasp, even when working at a desk or work table.


Does this also mean that these magnetic clasps prevent the accidental magnetization of watches or their movements? This is a big problem for watchmakers regarding the accuracy of quartz and mechanical movements. Who is the target group for Patent "X"?


People who wear a bracelet with a magnetic clasp parallel to their mechanical watch. Also people with a preference for heavy necklaces, e.g. with stones, due to the strongly bundled magnetic force. 


How does the pulling power differ from ECO, Classic and Patent "X"?


Basically, the pulling force depends on the size of the clasp and thus on the size of the magnet. Not so with Patent X, it increases the magnetic force towards the inner center!


Does the pulling force decrease with the wearing time?


When worn, the power magnets lose (almost) no tractive force, i.e. 3 percent in 30 years. However, when heated above 60° C (be careful when storing in shop windows/cars or when polishing) the tensile strength can decrease or be lost.

Little Heros

Ear piercing for

Children are little heroes. They may not always wear capes, but with their energy, creativity and imagination they turn every day into a new adventure. Do you too want to grant your little hero or heroine the wish for beautiful new earrings? Then take part in the big STUDEX photo and painting competition "Little Heroes".

Parents who send us a photo of their child or a picture painted by their child on the subject of "Little Heroes" and/or "Earrings" during the campaign period 1 July to 30 September 2020 can take part in a photo and painting competition and win the following*:

 • 2 pairs of hypoallergenic earrings from the Sensitive for Kids and Sensitive by STUDEX collections: 1 x cherry and 1 x cubic zirconia
 • 1 cuddly soft toy surprise
 • 1 STUDEX treasure box with space to store the earrings and other small treasures and memories
 • 3 sheets with STUDEX glitter tattoos
 • 1 craft sheet for a small hero mask
 • 1 STUDEX memory game
 • and more little STUDEX "goodies".

=> Click on the video and accompany our little heroine with your child on the way to her first earrings!

So you can join in with your child and win:

Send us a photo of your child or a picture painted by your child on the subject "Little Heroes" and/or "Earrings" together with your declaration of consent (file formats: .jpg, .png, .pdf) by email to:, subject: Little Heroes

The promotion package "Little Heroes" No. 776590 you will receive with the purchase of 3 XLPE's (á 6 pairs) Silence 75 earrings - freely sorted according to your choice - for free.

*Further information on the STUDEX competition and the conditions of participation can be found at

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