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After April 2022, BOLEY conducted the 2nd workshop on Saturday 21/10/2023. Approximately 30 interested parties attended this year's workshop, confirming BOLEY's expectations and underpinning the status of this workshop as an important event for information gathering in new technologies. Of the 30 participants, half came from a larger radius of 100 km, which underlines the supra-regional character of this event.

One of the most outstanding features of this year's event was the quality of the environment for workshop leaders and participants alike. BOLEY placed great emphasis on creating an atmosphere conducive to exchange and innovation.

This type of workshop was also praised for the high level of practical exchange between the qualified speakers. The expert discussions offered at the event were of a high standard and attracted a knowledgeable audience who were keenly interested in the topics covered on marking laser technology, CNC-controlled engraving machines, PUK fine welding technology and computer-controlled watch testing.

The quality of the exchange between participants, whether watchmaking or goldsmithing, remains the strength of the BOLEY workshop. Fruitful encounters and potential partnerships were at the heart of this year's event, a feature on which BOLEY will continue to build.

The vast majority of participants surveyed were very satisfied with the event and have already expressed their interest in the next workshop.

So we are looking forward to another exceptional workshop in April/May 2024, the exact date of which we will communicate in due time. Stay tuned and join us for an unforgettable experience in the exciting world of watch and jewellery technology.

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10 years boley own brand

Boley tools - successful for 10 years with the “Boley” own brand

Did you know that the company Gebrüder Boley has been successfully producing its own brand of tools exclusively under the “Boley” private label for almost ten years.
And we regularly maintain and expand this own brand, whereby only tool quality “made in Germany” or “Swiss made” may adorn our own brand. We place the highest value on the high product quality, durability and sustainability of our tools and are in constant contact with our suppliers in Germany or Switzerland, who produce these tools exclusively for us. New products are also created in close cooperation with our long-standing precision mechanic ateliers.

In the past years, Gebrüder Boley has developed into one of the leading tool dealers in the watch and jewelry industry in Europe and the world. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of high quality watchmaking and goldsmith tools: from the classic watchmaker screwdriver to the high quality ring saw pliers “made in Germany” you will find everything from one source at Because our foreign customers also appreciate the quality of our tools with the own brand “Boley”, today almost 35% of all tools are exported.

Currently, you can find about 250 private label “Boley” products online in the Boley online store: just look for our “Boley” logo and the stylized “B” when placing your order. Only Boley private label products are allowed to carry this logo on the tools. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about Boley tools by chat or by email at We thank you for your loyalty and trust in our private label.
Your Boley Team


New in the assortment

BUSCH HighTech-Tools Fig. 413 AU/HM - the novelty for the goldsmith „made in Germany“

These newly developed setting burs Fig. 413 AU/HM made of hard metal are a “must-have” for every goldsmith and jewellery studio.

Durable and powerful, the new BUSCH setting burs are made of hot isostatically compressed finest-grain carbide material. They are used for particularly hard jewellery materials such as platinum, titanium or white gold, where they demonstrate their especially positive properties.

Benefit from the dimensional accuracy, the long service life and the impressive cutting performance of the new carbide burs. And thereby also increase the economic efficiency of your work.
In addition, there is also an assortment in the most popular sizes!

The new BUSCH setting burs will be available from approx. mid-September 2023.


AMF 2015

Multi-purpose tool „Horia AMF 2015“ for working on cases and metal straps

Multi-purpose tool for watchmakers, which finds its application in daily use for various functions:

• Case opener for pressed backs
• Bezel lifter
• Strap shortener for metal straps
• Removal and insertion tool for screwed tubes
• Removal and insertion tool for pressed tubes

The tool impresses with various adjustment possibilities, among others the height of the spindle and the work table can be adjusted. The multifunctional tool is available in three different versions:

Master set, Boley no. 606900:
• for lifting off pressed case backs and bezels
• for unscrewing and screwing in screwed and pressed tubes & pushers
• for shortening metal bracelets
• Supplied with various inserts (basic equipment)

Basic-Set A, Boley-No. 606905:
• for lifting off pressed case backs and bezels
• Delivery without inserts no. 606907, these must be ordered separately

Basic-Set B, Boley-no. 606906:
• for unscrewing and screwing in screwed and pressed tubes & pushers
• without inserts no. 606907, these must be ordered separately


back to school

The BOLEY ear stud campaign for the start of school:

For the little ones piercing their ears - attractive gifts as a reward!

This summer, Gebrüder BOLEY is once again launching an ear stud campaign for the little ones. Reward your youngest customers at the start of school with attractive, free gifts: Lollipops, children's rings and bracelets.
During the period from 14 August to 30 September 2023, order 3 PU (6 pairs each) of Bonflair Silence 75 ear studs - freely assorted according to your choice - and you will receive one of the following three free promotional gifts:

1. a large outer pack of 50x Chupa Chups lollipops.
2. a heart-shaped plastic case with 36x coloured children's glitter rings
3. a bag of 12x coloured wooden bracelets

Crank up your ear piercing and actively advertise using our „start of school“ ear piercing poster. Paired with the 2x DIN A1 posters, you will also receive a set of balloons that will attract additional attention in front of or inside your shop. Reward your “brave” little customers with the above three gifts and make ear piercing an experience for the children, so that they will report positively on it later and perhaps stay with you as a loyal customer.

Why engravings?

Your advantage


Personalize and enhance the customer experience in your store, through your e-commerce website or even at your on-site events. Gebruder Boley will guide you in your multi-channel marketing strategy so that you are able to offer your customers customization of their watches or jewellery.

Give your customers the opportunity to make each of your products a unique gift. Customizing your products has the following benefits:

1. Creates a unique, positive customer experience: on-site engraving creates a unique experience by allowing your customers to witness the engraving of the item.

2. Strengthens customer relationship: customer satisfaction is the first step to customer loyalty. Personalization increases the value of products and services and creates a memorable moment for your customers.

3. Customized offers: The versatility of CNC engraving machines allows you to diversify your business and expand your customer offering. Thanks to the digital preview, customers can choose their object and specify what they want to engrave
on it (text, illustration, photo, etc.).

4. Difference from the competition: personalized engraving is a great way to stand out from the crowd. The consumer shares their unique products, thus promoting your specialty store on social media and to friends.

5. Strengthens your brand image: personalized advice can offer original and unlimited options that reflect the image of your brand.

6. Developing a new source of income: By offering different text and image variations for the same product, a wider audience can be targeted and they thereby increase the average customer purchase.

Contact us at for more information on CNC laser or mechanical engraving (rotary or diamond). Gebruder Boley has the advantage of being proficient in both technologies, so you can choose which type of engraving machine is best suited for your watch and jewelry engraving needs. In addition, you will benefit from numerous accessories that have been specially developed for the jewellery sector.

Your Boley Team

Bergeon & Boley

La Chaux de Fonds & Stuttgart


Did you know that Bergeon & Cie, the world-renowned supplier of watchmaking and precision mechanics tools, and Gebrüder Boley have been working together successfully for over 100 years?

And this cooperation is expanding more and more from year to year, so that Boley is currently one of Bergeon & Cie's leading sales partners worldwide. Both companies cooperate regularly at trade fairs or other events (in-house training, company events, etc.) and are in constant contact to present innovations or solve problems for you as a customer.

In recent years, Bergeon & Cie has developed from a successful tool dealer to a manufacturer of the latest generation. This manufacture is a reference in the watch industry and offers the most comprehensive range of watchmaking tools and equipment: from the classic watchmaker's screwdriver to the latest generation watchmaker's workbench. Today, Bergeon manufactures almost 75% of its own products.

The company Gebruder Boley has accompanied this development for over 100 years and stocks over 1,000 Bergeon products online: simply enter the Bergeon reference in the search field of the Boley e-shop and you will automatically be directed to the corresponding article. If you do not find a Bergeon reference in our online shop, please ask for the price and delivery time by chat or by email at We can usually get you the desired Bergeon item within 2-3 weeks.

Your Boley Team

BN Laser Technology

Marking laser "made in Germany"


Engraving, marking and labelling lasers in a single machine. The fully automatic and compact marking lasers “JEWELliner XS” are suitable for marking or engraving all metals, selected plastics and ceramics. Its extremely high laser beam quality delivers the best results even with small and deep engravings. All “JEWELliner XS” are equipped with a flat table for flat engravings as well as a roll-off device for inside and outside ring engravings. Thanks to its compact and space-saving housing size, it can be used even in the smallest workshop.

The marking lasers are used in goldsmithing, wedding ring production, jewellery production as well as in other production areas.

The “JEWELliner XS” is available in three different versions:

  1. “XS2”
    The entry-level version for less than € 10,000 net is suitable for smaller, price-conscious goldsmiths. It is the basic version with a simple scissor table and reduced marking field (70x70 mm).

  2. XS
    The standard version for price-conscious goldsmiths and jewellers who require high quality flat engravings. The “XS” impresses with a larger housing incl. professional flat table with a larger inscription area for flat engravings of 110x100 mm.

  3. XS Pro
    The professional version for high-class jewellers and service centres offers in addition to the “XS” described under point 2, the “XS Pro” offers a removable gear-controlled unwinding device, a professional flat table “X-Portal”, a fully automatic focus for ring engravings as well as an HD laser camera system for live images.

Let us advise you on the advantages of the new “JEWELliner XS” and contact our technical advisors at for further enquiries.

Your Boley Team

Rhodium baths

Rhodium has fallen sharply


The price of rhodium has fallen significantly in recent weeks, and we don't want to withhold you of this. Yet rhodium is often more expensive than gold and platinum due to its rarity and increased industrial demand. And yet it represents an important precious metal in the field of jewellery refinement, as it forms a beautiful, brightly shining coating and offers your jewellery pieces excellent protection against tarnishing. To respond to the increased demand, we have increased our stock of rhodium baths. Take advantage of our stock availability and order as soon as possible at the lower rhodium rates.


Rhodium baths “Rhoduna” of the brand Umicore have been added to our programme. Umicore is one of the world's leading processors of special chemicals and has taken over the production of rhodium baths from Wieland Edelmetalle. In the course of the changeover, a new combination rhodium/platinum bath was also launched, which is available under Boley Art.-No. 695641 as “Rhoduna PT One”. This special bath with a proportion of Pt 0.7g and RH 0.3g is characterised by a very advantageous price with a consistently assured gloss and anti-tarnish effect. All “Rhoduna” rhodium baths are operated with platinised titanium anodes.

Original case parts

Database for CITIZEN and CASIO case parts.

We have expanded our CASIO and CITIZEN case parts databases to include the latest watch models.

• CASIO - 14,000 new watch models with over 90,000 case parts.
• CITIZEN - 3,200 new watch models with over 22,000 case parts.

Discover the exact case parts for your repairs in our extensive and detailed databases. In addition to watch glasses, crowns and gaskets, you will also find helpful information about straps, links or clasps.

And this is how it works:

  • Click on [Reference] in the menu
  • Enter the model number of your watch in the search field
  • Identify your watch and click on the magnifying glass to see the detailed view of the related spare parts.

Tip: The less you type in of the model number, the more comprehensive the suggested hit rate.


successful trade fair sales

Around 24,000 trade visitors and over 800 exhibitors stand for an impressive balance sheet and a successful return of INHORGENTA 2023 after two difficult years due to Covid. With a 51 percent increase in visitors compared to 2022 and a 40 percent share of foreign visitors, the growth figures are clear and prove the increasing internationalisation of this trade fair. The course for international growth among brands and dealers has thus been set correctly for celebrating the 50th anniversary of INHORGENTA MUNICH next year.

GEBRÜDER BOLEY, exhibitor from the very beginning at INHORGENTA, was back after a two-year absence and was able to point to successful trade fair sales. This year, the focus was on CNC-controlled engraving machines and marking lasers of the Gravotech brand, CNC-controlled watch testers of the ONEOF brand as well as setting and engraving technology from GRS. At our newly designed exhibition stand, we were able to welcome not only familiar faces but also numerous new foreign customers. “We were once again positively surprised by the number of visitors and the good atmosphere at the trade fair and will not miss the 50th anniversary of the INHORGENTA trade fair next year,” says Michael Lutz, managing partner of Boley. the follow-ups…

2023 update installed

We have added our major Boley update 2023 to the calibre database. As of now, you will find more than 16,000 calibres, over 4,100 movements and interchangeabilities and approximately 160,000 watch parts registered in our database.

Search our extensive database for calibre information, watch movement interchangeabilities and spare parts and find the matching movement parts listed quickly and clearly.

And this is how it works:

(1) Are you looking for specific spare parts for your repair? Simply enter the calibre number in the corresponding search field and then use the magnifying glass function to select the desired movement from the list.
Tip: The fewer digits you enter, the larger the selection list. This means that even calibre numbers that are difficult to recognise can be found. Conversely, you can also enter the manufacturer and the calibre, which will reduce the selection list and increase your accuracy.

(2) In the calibre data sheet you will find extensive and detailed information about the size and functions of the movement. Many calibres also have a pictogram.

(3) When you see this button, you can call up a detailed exploded view of the movement. The document is displayed using the free Acrobat Reader.

(4) Did you know that you can find out the interchangeability of the winding stems with the help of our calibre database? Compare the part number on our packaging with that of the calibre. Often different movements have the same winding stems. Reduce and organise your own stock and save money.

(5) For quartz or solar movements, the battery number is shown here.

(6) We have archived our spare parts for you under the heading Movement Parts. Here you can find the respective prices and the availability of spare parts.
Tip: If the spare part you are looking for is marked yellow or not listed, we may still have it in stock. Please ask for availability and price via our chat button. Many of our old, in-stock spare parts are currently not yet registered in the database and are just waiting for your request!

(7) In the movements section, we offer you replacement and exchange movements for the calibre you are looking for. Prices and availability are of course immediately visible and will speed up your quotation and procurement.

Viva Magenta

Color of the Year 2023

VIVA MAGENTA: This is the trend colour for 2023

It's that time again: the Pantone colour institute presents the trend colour for 2023. This year, the choice fell on a colourful purple shade. VIVA MAGENTA is the name of the shade.

Below we present a few suggestions for the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023 VIVA MAGNETA.

Latest laser technology

Live demonstration


At the INHORGENTA MUNICH 2023 trade fair, with Mr. Uli Merkle from GRAVOTECH, we will have a proven professional for laser and CNC-controlled engraving at our disposal.

We will give you an on-site presentation of our CNC-controlled engraving machine portfolio and demonstrate, among other things, the new WELASE marking laser from GRAVOTECH. The live presentation will give you a comprehensive impression of our marking lasers and our CNC-controlled engraving machines.

Just bring your own sample jewellery and sample plates. This allows you to examine your engraving result live and on-site - you can't get any closer to the engraving experience than this!

We offer you

  • Live inspection of the machine
  • Individual advice
  • Insight into the operation and functioning of the machines
  • Demonstration under laser or chip to experience the performance of the machines

Visit us at the INHORGENTA MUNICH 2023! You will find us in hall A2, stand no. 206.

If you would like to arrange a visit in advance or would like an individual quotation, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you!

Your Boley Team

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