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Power Cord = pearl silk made of high-tech fiber for stones and pearls.
Silicone Bead Thread = Synthetic fiber made of silicone for stones and beads.
Perlon thread = for winding chains of all kinds.

  • silicone pearl cord

    Silicone pearl thread

    nameØthicknesscolourlengthmaterialitem No.
    silicone pearl cord0,20mm1white18 mSilkon431001
    silicone pearl cord0.30mm2white18 mSilkon431002
    silicone pearl cord0.40mm3white18 mSilkon431003
    silicone pearl cord0.60mm5white18 mSilkon431005
    silicone pearl cord0,20mm1black18 mSilkon431101
    silicone pearl cord0.30mm2black18 mSilkon431102
    silicone pearl cord0.40mm3black18 mSilkon431103
    silicone pearl cord0.60mm5black18 mSilkon431105
  • Perlon wire

    Transparent for winding chains of all kinds.

    nameØtensioncolourlengthmaterialitem No.
    perlon wire0,15mm1.2 kgtransparent50 mPerlon429101
    perlon wire0.30mm4.3 kgtransparent50 mPerlon429102
    perlon wire0.40mm7.3 kgtransparent50 mPerlon429103
  • power cord

    Made of the strongest high-tech fibers in the world. Soft and cuddly combined with the highest tensile strength - even in the knots. Perfect for stones and pearls that have only a small hole.

    nameØthicknesscolourlengthmaterialitem No.
    power cord0,20mm2white25mBead silk431012
    power cord0,28mm3white25mBead silk431013

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