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Jwelery wire

Interesting facts about jewellery wire

49 Strands

professional jewellery processing with greatest flexibility and tear strength

19 Strands

Excellent flexibility and tear strength

7 Strands

Good flexibility and tear strength

  • wire cord transparent
    These stainless steel wire ropes are coated with nylon and have 19 or 49 individual strands made of stainless steel. Unsurpassed soft and flexible, free of tension and strain. The wire can be used without needling needles.
    nameØalloytypelengthitem No.
    wire cord0,25mmtransparent19 wires30,5m432010
    wire cord0,30mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432012
    wire cord0,35mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432014
    wire cord-Beadalon0,35mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432914
    wire cord0,45mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432018
    wire cord-Beadalon0,45mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432918
    wire cord0,53mmtransparent19 wires30,5m432022
    wire cord-Beadalon0,53mmtransparent19 wires9,15m432922
    wire cord0.60 mmtransparent19 wires30,5m432024
  • nameØalloytypelengthitem No.
    wire cord0,30mmtransparent49 wires9,15m432212
    wire cord0,35mmtransparent49 wires9,15m432214
    wire cord0,45mmtransparent49 wires9,15m432218
    wire cord-Beadalon0,45mmtransparent49 wires9,15m432818
    wire cord0.60 mmtransparent49 wires9,15m432224
  • Jweler wire
    Colored wire ropes consisting of 7 or 19 single strands. Coated with colored nylon.Jewlery Wire is the ideal choice for all fine jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings.
    nameØalloytypelengthitem No.
    wire cord0,38mmblue7 wires25m432032
    wire cord0,38mmgreen7 wires25m432042
    wire cord0,38mmblack7 wires25m432062
    wire cord0,38mmpurple7 wires25m432082
    wire cord0,38mmgold7 wires25m432092
  • nameØalloytypelengthitem No.
    wire cord0,35mmgold19 wires9,15m432314
    wire cord0,45mmgold19 wires9,15m432318
    wire cord0.60 mmgold19 wires9,15m432324
    wire cord0,35mmsilver19 wires9,15m432414
    wire cord0,45mmsilver19 wires9,15m432418
    wire cord0,53mmsilver19 wires9,15m432422
    wire cord0.60 mmsilver19 wires9,15m432424

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