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tapered pins steel

namelengthmin Ømax Ømaterialcontentsitem No.
taper pins11mm0.300.70steel25 pieces065101
taper pins11mm0.500.80steel25 pieces065102
taper pins11mm0.601.00steel25 pieces065103
taper pins14mm0,651.10steel25 pieces065104
taper pins14mm0,751.15steel25 pieces065105
taper pins14mm0.801,20steel25 pieces065106
taper pins15 mm1.101.30steel25 pieces065107
taper pins15 mm1.151.5steel25 pieces065108
taper pins16mm1.301.70steel25 pieces065109
taper pins16mm1.401.75steel25 pieces065110
taper pins25 mm0.301,27steel10 pieces065143
taper pins25 mm0.761.65steel10 pieces065141
taper pins25 mm1.141.91steel10 pieces065142
taper pins30 mm1.802.60steel10 pieces065144
taper pins30 mm1.902.20steel10 pieces065145

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