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with cups

Ear-studs with pearl cup corrucated with scrolls.

Note: order cultured pearls about 1 mm larger than the pearl cup!
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmstainless steelwith shell2/10450800
    ear-stud5.0 mmstainless steelwith shell2/10450801
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsilver gold-platedwith shell2/10450300
    ear-stud5.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith shell2/10450301
    ear-stud6.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith shell2/10450302
    eas-stud8.0 mmdoublewith shell2/10450303
    ear-stud10.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith shell2/10450317
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmS 925/-with shell2/10450000
    ear-stud5.0 mmS 925/-with shell2/10450001
    ear-stud6.0 mmS 925/-with shell2/10450002
    ear-stud8.0 mmS 925/-with shell2/10450003
    ear-stud10.0 mmS 925/-with shell2/10450017
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsilver rhodium platedwith shell2/10449000
    ear-stud5.0 mmsilver rhodium platedwith shell2/10449001
    ear-stud6.0 mmsilver rhodium platedwith shell2/10449002
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmYG 375/-with shell2450100
    ear-stud5.0 mmYG 375/-with shell2450101
    ear-stud6.0 mmYG 375/-with shell2450102
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmYG 585/-with shell2/10450200
    ear-stud5.0 mmYG 585/-with shell2/10450201
    ear-stud6.0 mmYG 585/-with shell2/10450202
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmWG 590/-with shell2/10450600
    ear-stud5.0 mmWG 590/-with shell2/10450601
    ear-stud6.0 mmWG 590/-with shell2/10450602
  • nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmYG 750/-with shell2/10450400
    ear-stud5.0 mmYG 750/-with shell2/10450401
    ear-stud6.0 mmYG 750/-with shell2/10450402
  • assortment
    nameØalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-studSortimentS 925/-with shell1450091

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