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ear Studs

  • assortment
    Attractive fresh water cultured pearl assortment incl. silver pearl plug. 6 pairs with beads Ø 5,0 - 8,0mm
    nameversionØcontentsitem No.
    cultured pearls4/4 pearls5.0-8.0 mm6 pairs49001099
  • round
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs5.0-5.5 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490211
    ear Studs5.5-6.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490212
    ear Studs6.0-6.5 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490213
    ear Studs6.5-7.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490214
    ear Studs7.0-7.5 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490216
    ear Studs5.0-5.5 mmwhiteS 925/-with pearl2490011
    ear Studs6.0-6.5 mmwhiteS 925/-with pearl2490013
    ear Studs6.5-7.0 mmwhiteS 925/-with pearl2490014
    ear Studs8.0-8.5 mmwhiteS 925/-with pearl2490018
    ear Studs8.5-9.0 mmwhiteS 925/-with pearl2490019
  • bouton
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs6.5-7.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490614
    ear Studs7.0-7.5 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490616
    ear Studs7.5-8.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490617
    ear Studs8.0-8.5 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490618
    ear Studs8.5-9.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490619
    ear Studs10.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490621
    ear Studs12.0 mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490622
    ear Studs13,0mmwhiteYG 585/-with pearl2490623
  • grey
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs9.0-10.0 mmGreyYG 585/-with pearl2490601
  • Rose
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs9.0-10.0 mmPinkYG 585/-with pearl2490602
  • Gold
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs9.0-10.0 mmgoldYG 585/-with pearl2490603
  • peacock
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs9.0-10.0 mmblackYG 585/-with pearl2490604
  • Apricot
    nameØcolouralloytypePUitem No.
    ear Studs9.0-10.0 mmApricotYG 585/-with pearl2490609

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