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cup and plate

Ear-stud with pearl cup with stamped ear-clutch and ready-brazed plate for the most fastidious demands.

Note: order cultured pearls about 1 mm larger than the pearl cup!
  • nameØadditionalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud8.0 mmgroovedS 925/-with dish/plate2/10451064
  • nameØadditionalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsmoothYG 585/-with dish/plate2/10451260
    ear-stud5.0 mmsmoothYG 585/-with dish/plate2/10451261
    ear-stud6.0 mmsmoothYG 585/-with dish/plate2/10451262
    ear-stud8.0 mmgroovedYG 585/-with dish/plate2/10451264
  • nameØadditionalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsmoothWG 590/-with dish/plate2/10451660
    ear-stud5.0 mmsmoothWG 590/-with dish/plate2/10451661
    ear-stud6.0 mmsmoothWG 590/-with dish/plate2/10451662
    ear-stud8.0 mmgroovedWG 590/-with dish/plate2/10451664
  • nameØadditionalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsmoothYG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451460
    ear-stud5.0 mmsmoothYG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451461
    ear-stud6.0 mmsmoothYG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451462
    ear-stud8.0 mmgroovedYG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451464
  • nameØadditionalloytypePUitem No.
    ear-stud4.0mmsmoothWG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451960
    ear-stud5.0 mmsmoothWG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451961
    ear-stud6.0 mmsmoothWG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451962
    ear-stud8.0 mmgroovedWG 750/-with dish/plate2/10451964

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