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small galvanic

Electroplating made easy - with the new small electroplating RMGO! Jewelry can easily be degreased electrolytically, rhodium-plated and color-gilded.

Pre-set processing times and voltages, together with an automatic energy cut-off, allow a professional end result.

  • RMGO
    nameapplicationversionmodelitem No.
    small galvanicone at a timeCold electroplating unitRMGO695263
    small galvanicStarter-Setfor rhodium platingRMGO695260
    small galvanicStarter-Setfor rhodium plating / gold platingRMGO695261
    small galvanicStarter-Setfor gildingRMGO695262
  • accessories
    namematerialversionmodelitem No.
    anodestainless steelfor degreasing + cold electroplatingRM01 / RMGO695276
    anodemixed oxidefor rhodium platingRM01 / RMGO695275
    beakersglass1000 mlRM01 / RMGO695272
    lidplastic1000 mlRM01 / RMGO695273
    cableredRM01 / RMGO695277
    cableblackRM01 / RMGO695278
  • degreasing baths
    nameapplicationversioncontentsitem No.
    ZFM degreasing bathwith powersalt form50g = 1 Liter695610
    ZFM degreasing bathwith powersalt form1000g = 20 litres695612
  • Silver Bath
    The silver bath JE60 is an innovative cyanide-free electrolyte for the deposition of very white Silver layers.
    nameversiontypecontentsitem No.
    Silver Bathcyanide-freeJE601 litre695643
  • gold-plating baths
    Deposition of gold at room temperature.
    nameapplicationversioncolourcontentsitem No.
    cold plating bathwith powerready for useYellow gold - 18ct.1 litre695680
    cold plating bathwith powerready for usePale gold - 14 ct.1 litre695681
    cold plating bathwith powerready for useFine gold - 21 ct.1 litre695682
    cold plating bathwith powerready for usered1 litre695683
    cold plating bathwith powerready for userosé1 litre695684
  • rhodium baths
    nameapplicationversioncolourcontentsitem No.
    rhodium bathwith powerready for usewhite1000 ml695690
    rhodium bathwith powerready for useblack1000 ml695691

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