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HERMLE pallets

Part-No. B022-xxxx and B024-xxxx

nameTeilenrcalibreitem No.
AnkerB022-00110130-020, 130-070800002200110
AnkerB022-00120140-010, 140-080, 150-010, 150-080, 340-020800002200120
AnkerB024-00300141-xxx (PL25+43+55)800002400300
AnkerB024-00310241-030, 241-053 (PL 45+55+66)800002400310
AnkerB024-00390261-030, 261-080, 341-xxx (PL 23+45)800002400390
AnkerB024-00460131-041, 771-xxx (PL 25)800002400460
AnkerB024-00520241-030, 241-053 (PL 75)800002400520
AnkerB024-00800451-053 (PL 94)800002400800
AnkerB024-008801171-850 (PL 114)800002400880
AnkerB024-00910791-781 (PL 55)800002400910
AnkerB024-01030261-080 (PL 45)800002401030
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