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HERMLE various

ratchet wheel, rachet spring and clicks

  • nameTeilenrcalibreitem No.
    click springE001-050501130-xxx, 131-xxx, 132-xxx099060
    click springE001-04390130-xxx, 131-xxx, 132-xxx099064
    click springE001-04440 (=E001-04402)140-xxx, 141-xxx, 150-xxx, 151-xxx099066
    click springE001-04730340-xxx, 341-xxx, 791-xxx, 350-xxx, 351-xxx, 1050-xxx, 1051-xxx099068
  • nameTeilenrcalibreitem No.
    SperrkegelE001-00023140-xxx, 141-xxx800000100023
    SperrkegelE001-00020150-xxx, 151-xxx, 791-xxx, 340-xxx, 341-xxx, 350-xxx, 351-xxx, 1050-xxx800000100020
    SperrkegelE001-04560130-xxx, 131-xxx, 132-xxx, 771-xxx800000104560
  • nameTeilenrcalibreitem No.
    ratchet wheelsE001-0380 (=E003-047001)130-xxx, 131-xxx, 132-xxx, 771-xxx800000103800
    ratchet wheelsE001-03140Hermle800000103140
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