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These casted lobster clasps are strongly curved and have a bulgy shape. First class, heavy quality in best processing. Special feature: straigt eyelet and with clasp part cast in one piece.
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmstainless steelrounded2/5479809
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmstainless steelrounded2/5479811
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmstainless steelrounded2/5479813
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmstainless steelrounded2/5479815
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmstainless steelrounded2/5479817
    Trigger Clasps19,0 mmstainless steelrounded1479819
    Trigger Clasps22,0 mmstainless steelrounded1479822
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmtitaniumrounded2/5479509
    Trigger Clasps12,0 mmtitaniumrounded2/5479511
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmtitaniumrounded2/5479513
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmtitaniumrounded2/5479515
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470008
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470009
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmS 925/-rounded2/5470011
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470013
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470015
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmS 925/-rounded2/5470017
    Trigger Clasps20,0 mmS 925/-rounded1470020
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmsilver rhodium platedrounded2/5479009
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmsilver rhodium platedrounded2/5479011
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmsilver rhodium platedrounded2/5479013
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmsilver rhodium platedrounded2/5479015
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479309
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479311
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479313
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479315
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmsilver gold-platedrounded2/5479317
  • namel.alloyPUtypeitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmDouble Rose2/5rounded479609
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmDouble Rose2/5rounded479611
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmDouble Rose2/5rounded479613
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmDouble Rose2/5rounded479615
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmTombakrounded2/5470308
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmTombakrounded2/5470309
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmTombakrounded2/5470311
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmTombakrounded2/5470313
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmTombakrounded2/5470315
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmTombakrounded2/5470317
    Trigger Clasps20,0 mmTombakrounded1470320
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470108
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470109
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470111
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470113
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470115
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmYG 375/-rounded1/5470117
    Trigger Clasps20,0 mmYG 375/-rounded1470120
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmYG 585/-rounded1470208
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmYG 585/-rounded1470209
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmYG 585/-rounded1470211
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmYG 585/-rounded1470213
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmYG 585/-rounded1470215
    Trigger Clasps17,0 mmYG 585/-rounded1470217
    Trigger Clasps20,0 mmYG 585/-rounded1470220
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmYG 750/-rounded1470408
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmYG 750/-rounded1470409
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmYG 750/-rounded1470411
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmYG 750/-rounded1470413
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmYG 750/-rounded1470415
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmWG 590/- rhodium-platedrounded1470608
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmWG 590/- rhodium-platedrounded1470609
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmWG 590/- rhodium-platedrounded1470611
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmWG 590/- rhodium-platedrounded1470613
    Trigger Clasps15.0 mmWG 590/- rhodium-platedrounded1470615
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps9.0 mmWG 750/- rhodium platedrounded1479909
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmWG 750/- rhodium platedrounded1479911
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmWG 750/- rhodium platedrounded1479913
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmRed Gold 585/-rounded1470908
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmRed Gold 585/-rounded1470911
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmRed Gold 585/-rounded1470913
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmRG 750/-rounded1/5479708
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmRG 750/-rounded1/5479711
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmRG 750/-rounded1/5479713
  • namel.alloytypePUitem No.
    Trigger Clasps8,5 mmplatinumrounded1470708
    Trigger Clasps11.0mmplatinumrounded1470711
    Trigger Clasps13,0 mmplatinumrounded1470713

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