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with end caps

These machine-made, punched or pressed lobster clasps are slightly curved and have a bulgy shape. First-class quality in best processing. Special feature: eyelet straight, finished with two cylinder capsules for round rubber or leather.
  • namel.Øalloytypeunititem No.
    end caps15.0 mm3,2 mmstainless steelwith lobster clasp1420818
    end caps15.0 mm4,2 mmstainless steelwith lobster clasp1420819
  • namel.Øalloytypeunititem No.
    end caps9.0 mm2.0 mmS 925/-with lobster clasp1420009
    end caps11.0mm3.0 mmS 925/-with lobster clasp1420010
    end caps11.0mm4.0mmS 925/-with lobster clasp1420011
    end caps13,0 mm5.0 mmS 925/-with lobster clasp1420012
  • namel.Øalloytypeunititem No.
    end caps9.0 mm2.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith lobster clasp1420309
    end caps11.0mm3.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith lobster clasp1420310
    end caps11.0mm4.0mmsilver gold-platedwith lobster clasp1420311
    end caps13,0 mm5.0 mmsilver gold-platedwith lobster clasp1420312
  • namel.Øalloytypeunititem No.
    end caps9.0 mm2.0 mmYG 375/-with lobster clasp1420109
    end caps11.0mm3.0 mmYG 375/-with lobster clasp1420110
    end caps11.0mm4.0mmYG 375/-with lobster clasp1420111
  • namel.Øalloytypeunititem No.
    end caps9.0 mm2.0 mmYG 585/-with lobster clasp1420209
    end caps11.0mm3.0 mmYG 585/-with lobster clasp1420210
    end caps11.0mm4.0mmYG 585/-with lobster clasp1420211
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