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Casted and bellied jewellery lobster clasp with double band and cross loop. First class, heavy quality in best processing.
  • namemmalloyunittypeitem No.
    Trigger Clasps11.0S 925/-2jewellery. modern472031
    Trigger Clasps13.0S 925/-2jewellery. modern472033
    Trigger Clasps17.0S 925/-2jewellery. modern472037
    Trigger Clasps20.0S 925/-2jewellery. modern472040
  • namemmalloyunittypeitem No.
    Trigger Clasps11.0YG 585/-1jewellery. modern472231
    Trigger Clasps13.0YG 585/-1jewellery. modern472233
    Trigger Clasps17.0YG 585/-1jewellery. modern472237
    Trigger Clasps20.0YG 585/-1jewellery. modern472240
  • namemmalloyunittypeitem No.
    Trigger Clasps11.0YG 750/-1jewellery. modern472431
    Trigger Clasps13.0YG 750/-1jewellery. modern472433
    Trigger Clasps17.0YG 750/-1jewellery. modern472437
    Trigger Clasps20.0YG 750/-1jewellery. modern472440
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