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without collar

bolt rings

First class design, clean workmanship, fine quality, made of drawn material. Good spring action, safe closing. Gold spring-rings hallmarked.

Eyelet size 0.75 mm
  • nameØtypealloyunititem No.
    spring rings6.0 mmwithout collarstainless steel10/50401806
    spring rings8.0 mmwithout collarstainless steel10/50401808
    spring rings10.0 mmwithout collarstainless steel10/50401810
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401005
    spring rings6.0 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401006
    spring rings7.0 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401007
    spring rings8.0 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401008
    spring rings10.0 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401010
    spring rings12.0 mmS 925/-without collar10/50401012
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring ring6.0 mmS 925/- rhodium-platedwithout collar10/50402006
    spring ring7.0 mmS 925/- rhodium-platedwithout collar10/50402007
    spring ring8.0 mmS 925/- rhodium-platedwithout collar10/50402008
    spring ring10.0 mmS 925/- rhodium-platedwithout collar10/50402010
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401305
    spring rings6.0 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401306
    spring rings7.0 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401307
    spring rings8.0 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401308
    spring rings10.0 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401310
    spring rings12.0 mmdouble - yellowwithout collar10/50401312
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring ring5.5 mmDouble Rosewithout collar10/50402305
    spring ring6.0 mmDouble Rosewithout collar10/50402306
    spring ring7.0 mmDouble Rosewithout collar10/50402307
    spring ring8.0 mmDouble Rosewithout collar10/50402308
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmYG 375/-without collar2/10401105
    spring rings6.0 mmYG 375/-without collar2/10401106
    spring rings7.0 mmYG 375/-without collar2/10401107
    spring rings8.0 mmYG 375/-without collar2/10401108
    spring rings10.0 mmYG 375/-without collar2/10401110
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmYG 585/-without collar2/10401205
    spring rings6.0 mmYG 585/-without collar2/10401206
    spring rings7.0 mmYG 585/-without collar2/10401207
    spring rings8.0 mmYG 585/-without collar2/10401208
    spring rings10.0 mmYG 585/-without collar2/10401210
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmWG 590/ rhodium-platedwithout collar2/10401605
    spring rings6.0 mmWG 590/ rhodium-platedwithout collar2/10401606
    spring rings7.0 mmWG 590/ rhodium-platedwithout collar2/10401607
    spring rings8.0 mmWG 590/ rhodium-platedwithout collar2/10401608
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmRed Gold 585/-without collar2/10401905
    spring rings6.0 mmRed Gold 585/-without collar2/10401906
    spring rings7.0 mmRed Gold 585/-without collar2/10401907
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmYG 750/-without collar2/10401405
    spring rings6.0 mmYG 750/-without collar2/10401406
    spring rings7.0 mmYG 750/-without collar2/10401407
    spring rings8.0 mmYG 750/-without collar2/10401408
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmWG 750/-without collar2/10402905
    spring rings6.0 mmWG 750/-without collar2/10402906
    spring rings7.0 mmWG 750/-without collar2/10402907
  • nameØalloytypeunititem No.
    spring rings5.5 mmplatinumwithout collar1/10401705
    spring rings7.0 mmplatinumwithout collar1/10401707

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