The new PUK 6

Precision welding reinvented.

A comparison with its predecessors unveils: 20 years of experience and passion in development are taking micro welding technology with the PUK 6 to a completely new level.

• Up to 3.3 welding spots per second: Welding sequence now up to 65 % faster
• Smoother, more homogeneous weld spots – excellent weld seam even with variable weld spot gaps
• Higher heat input where needed: Perfect welding results even with critical materials
• 50 % smaller welding spots in low power range
• Minimal pulse duration now down to 0.1 ms: 67 % shorter welding time in micro mode

• 70 % higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle in any operating condition
• Quick operation and material selection through direct menu selection with one single turn-push-tilt knob
• New standby mode: Continuous availability at 85 % lower energy consumption

Handpiece & Electrode
• 20 % faster and, thus, more agile electrode travel
• Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1 mm
• Up to 50 % longer service life of the electrode

• Newly structured display design with improved resolution
• Clear design language with timeless aesthetics – a visual highlight at every workplace
• Fine, selected materials for highest standards on value and appearance

• Optimised welding curves for all weldable alloys in jewellery manufacturing
• Higher maximum power and improved welding performance, particularly with highly conductive silver, copper and tin alloys due to new speed function
• New standby mode – quick restart, minimum energy consumption

Operation & Functionality
• NEW: One-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function as well as simplified, intuitive menu guidance
• Quicker maximum welding spot sequences due to the enhanced speed function – adjustable in 3 levels
• Refined micro-mode enables new welding possibilities with finer increments in adjustment when welding at the lowest possible performance range
• Newly designed and patented welding process control prevents welding errors, enables even quicker learning of the PUK welding – easier start for the PUK beginner

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