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Besides the diamonds, rubies are among the hardest materials. While the raw stone looks dull, the sleek stone has a diamond-like luster. Inclusions do not imply a reduction in quality in the case of rubies, but provide an authenticity proof against the synthetic stones.

Color: different reds
Mohs hardness: 9
  • genuine rubys
    bright red, fine quality
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    ruby1,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463815
    ruby1,75 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463817
    ruby2,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463820
    ruby2,25 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463822
    ruby2,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463825
    ruby2,75 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463827
    ruby3,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463830
    ruby3,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463835
    ruby4,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463840
    ruby4,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463845
    ruby5,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463850
  • synthetic rubys
    synthetic corundum, ruby-medium
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    ruby1,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491815
    ruby1,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491817
    ruby2,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491820
    ruby2,25 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491822
    ruby2,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491825
    ruby2,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491827
    ruby3,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491830
    ruby3,25 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491832
    ruby3,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491835
    ruby3,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491837
    ruby4,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491840
    ruby4,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491845
    ruby5,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491850
    ruby5,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491855
    ruby6,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491860
    ruby6,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491865
    ruby7,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491870
    ruby7,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491875
    ruby8,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491880
    ruby9.0 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491882
    ruby10,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491883
    ruby12,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491885

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