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Saphires are all corundums that are not red. If only sapphire is spoken, the blue sapphire is clearly meant. It is therefore necessary, in the case of the differently coloured sapphires, to add the respective colour, for example. Green sapphire. Their hardness is similar to the rubies very high.

Color: blue, colorless, pink, orange, yellow, green, violet
Mohs hardness: 9
  • genuine sapphire
    bright blue, fine quality
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    sapphire1,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463415
    sapphire1,75 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463417
    sapphire2,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463420
    sapphire2,25 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463422
    sapphire2,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463425
    sapphire2,75 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463427
    sapphire3,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463430
    sapphire3,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463435
    sapphire4,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463440
    sapphire4,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463445
    sapphire5,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463450
  • synthetic sapphire
    Synthetic corundum, sapphire blue
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    sapphire1,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491415
    sapphire1,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491417
    sapphire2,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491420
    sapphire2,25 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491422
    sapphire2,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491425
    sapphire2,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491427
    sapphire3,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491430
    sapphire3,25 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491432
    sapphire3,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491435
    sapphire3,75 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491437
    sapphire4,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491440
    sapphire4,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10491445
    sapphire5,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491450
    sapphire5,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491455
    sapphire6,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491460
    sapphire6,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491465
    sapphire7,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491470
    sapphire8,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491480
    sapphire9,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491482
    sapphire10,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491483
    sapphire12,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1491485

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