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The emerald it was the noblest stone of Berylle, due to its incomparable green, therefore also the term "emerald green" in the general language usage. The frequently occurring inclusions are referred to as "jardin" in the case of gemstone traders and are not measured as errors.

Color: green, light green
Mos hardness: 7.5-8
Density: 2.67-2.78
Transparency: transparent to opaque
Fracture: small-muscled, uneven, brittle
  • genuine emerlad
    bright grren, fine quality.
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    emerald1,50 mm genuinereal, genuineBrillant cut1463915
    emerald1,75 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463917
    emerald2,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463920
    emerald2,25 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463922
    emerald2,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463925
    emerald2,70 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463927
    emerald3,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463930
  • synthetic emeralds
    alpinite,green, systhetic stone
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    emerald1,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10492115
    emerald2,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10492120
    emerald2,50 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10492125
    emerald3,00 mmsyntheticBrillant cut1/10492130

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