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The peridot has a glass-like, oily luster. It is very sensitive to acids and can easily break up under strong tension. Dark stones can be lightened by heating.

Color: yellow-green, olive green, brownish
Mos hardness: 6.5-7
Density: 3.28-3.48
Transparency: transparent
Fracture: small-muscled, brittle
  • genuine peridots
    apple grren, good quality
    nameØtypeType of cutunititem No.
    peridot2,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463120
    peridot2,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463125
    peridot3,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463130
    peridot3,50 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463135
    peridot4,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463140
    peridot5,00 mmreal, genuineBrillant cut1463150

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