Flexbo 2.0

Experience the new, innovative Flexbo 2.0 workbench concept.

"Flexbo 2.0 - the next generation..."

... the innovative workbench concept,with individual equipment for watchmakers...

- made in Germany!

Perfect your spatial concept:

We offer you maximum individuality by freely selectable system components that can be eaily adapted to each workshop concept. Timeless design, highest quality and carefully designed functionality - made in Germany. We are your competent partner when it comes to your workshop equipment.

We set standards:

Our Flexbo equipment lines offer you as watchmaker the most innovative workbenches for your workshop. Through a variety of individual accessories you get maximum flexibility. So - Flex it!

Impressive in function and design:

Complete with these equipment packages your Flexbo workshop equipment specifically depending on the job requirement or personal style.

Standard equipment:

Flexbo 2.0 - ergonomic work

3D armrests - freely moveable in leather imitation

Multifunction center drawer - additional storage space

Pull-out shelf board - for stripping, bracelet assemblage or change the battery between

Insertion device for the filling pin - for sawing

2x drawer stack - one right and one left

High end drawers - with full extension and soft close

Power supply - 5-fold multiple socket

Professional cable channel - on the back of the bench


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