Fair-News 2014

News and offers for watch and jewellery technology.

In the following download provides an overview of the most important innovations for the Fair Inhorgenta Munich 2014.

Be inspired by our new workbenches generation Boley-FlexLine for watchmakers, goldsmiths and setters. The FlexLine variants set new standards in terms of build quality, individuality and functionality. Other innovations in the field of vacuum and compressed air, LED task lights, microscopes, engraving and setting technic, cleanroom products, watch testing units and workshop certifications are just a few points, which is why a visit to the fair Inhorgenta Munich 2014 worth.

We look forward to seeing you at the Inhorgenta Munich 2014, the 41th International Trade Fair for Watches and Jewellery. You can find us, on our new stand in the Hall A2, Booth 500/514.

For Fair-News 2014 with prices have a look at our download area.

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Boley Superalloy

Tweezers of the highest precision, comparable to the Taxal quality.

Boley - Superalloy tweezers Swiss-Made

Non-magnetic tweezers in Ni-Cr-Mo superalloy, comparable to Taxal quality. The Boley Superalloy Tweezers are six times harder and more resistant than conventional non-magnetic stainless steel tweezers.


- Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum (Ni-Cr-Mo) superalloy
- excellent/resistance to room temperature up to 800°C
- 100% non-magnetic

- six times harder than antimagnetic stainless steel tweezers
- resistant to fatigue, very high shape retention
- excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids
- comparable to Taxal quality

Direct link to Boley Superalloy tweezers

Elmamotion special

For a limited time and while supplies last!

Take this unique opportunity and order for the Christmas season is a real eye -catcher. The Elmamotion presentation kit is suitable for any window , in a small footprint (30 x 30 cm) finds it perfectly place alongside your best pieces. High quality - elegant and promotional products , ideal for presenting automatic watches in motion!

The Elmamotion presentation kit has removable inlays all other versions and species of each series.

Get this package for a bargain price * and can select the particular winder from the corresponding series free.

Available in two different package equipments :

Elmamotion style Elmamotion corona II or II

The package includes :

- Winder II Elmamotion choice ( at a special price *)
- Presentation display with removable inlays of different designs
- 10x glossy brochures Elmamotion
- 30x Folder Elmamotion with dealer stamp field

* Offer valid while supplies last ( max. 2 kits per customer)

To the presentation kits :

Online upgrade 5.1.3

With the new update an "article quick entry" has been integrated.

We want to make your job easier and provide you with the latest new upgrade a quick entry of items in your shopping cart.

From now on you can easily enter Boley article numbers, for example you refer to the catalog or empty Boley packagings, directly into the shopping cart.

Just click on the "Quick Entry" field and type or scan the desired Boley article number. The accompanying article information of the product, price and availability will be automatically loaded and displayed immediately. Volume changes can also be performed easliy.

Pretiosa 2013

Visit us at the Fair PRETIOSA in Vienna form 20th to 22nd September 2013.

We look forward to see you at PRETIOSA Vienna 2013, the trade fair for Watch and Jewellery in Austria.

Many innovations in the area of workshop certification, ergonomic workstations, work bench illumination and new technics in computerized engraving and stone setting. These are only a few points why it is worth to visit this fair.



Please come and find us in Hall D / Booth  902



And allow us to advice you by our professional exhibition team and let us inform you about our new.

Online upgrade

The Strap configurator for a quick retrieval of the desired leather strap.

New in our Online-shop is the configurator for leather straps. Just click on the "home" at the datebase "e-shop". Under the heading leather and metal straps the strap configurator can be used.

The matching leather strap you can find either on the conventional search-and-click feature or use the user-friendly configuration tool that quickly and easily provides you a selection of the desired leather strap.

To do this simply fill in the desired characteristics of the leather strap such as design, width, color and you will get the desired selection of matching leather straps.

And these are the single steps how to use the strap configurator:

1. Choose form the so-called line configuration the desired characteristics of your desired leather strap by means of, for example, color, width and start your search with this filter

2. Search results are displayed you quickly and easily via a clearly arranged table.

3. Select the desired leather strap and place it into your shopping cart.

Here is the link to the configurator:


Elma: a new dimension of watch cleaning!

Elmasolvex VA - Elmasolvex RM - Elmasolvex SE

Watch cleaning with certified Ex-protection.

The new Elmasolvex machine series is designed for all typical applications in the process of cleaning movements, both in production and in after-sale service: so you experiences the best possible service for your watch.

Elmasolvex VA: for watch producers and repair centers, who use ultrasonic.

The most technically demanding machine is Elmasolvex VA: this watch cleaning machine has both multi-frequency ultrasound in the normal board and component cleaning and a special frequency for very difficult, requiring very careful cleaning. (eg, reflective surfaces, finest holes) technisch anspruchvollste Maschine ist die Elmasolvex VA.

The cleaning takes place in a chamber in which the cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically. The programs are configured and started quickly and easily with a high resolution color display. There are proven standard programs or alternatively also an expert mode, which allows the watchmaker to set and save its parameters individually granted.

Elmasolvex RM: automatic operation, for manufacturers, service centers and watchmaker workshops, who clean with the traditional rotation and oscillation method.

For service centers and workshops watchmaker who work according to the conventional rotation and oscillation method, the Elmasonic RM offers the proven multi-chamber technology. Here, both solvent and semi-aqueous cleaning process can be performed. In a program variant can also be epilamized.

Elmasolvex SE:
manually operated, for watchmaker workshops with smaller quantities of works to be cleaned.

For small quantities of disassembled movements to be cleaned in rotation method and where conventional cleaning is sufficient, the "Icon of watch cleaning, the Super-Elite" is newly developed. There is not just one more chamber (1x cleaning, 3xrinsing 1x drying), but also a sophisticated hand operated control concept.

Ear piercing 2013

New ear piercing spring campaign 2013, Bonflair plus and silence system 75.
Get - based on the enclosed order form - our actual spring offers for April 2013: you receive orders of five dozens of Bonflair Plus Studs or five sales units (=6 pairs each) Bonflair Silence Studs - free order of your choice - one dozen or one sales unit of the same price level for free!

At purchase of five articles from the Studs Accessories program, you also get the sixth item free.

Ear piercing brochure with pricing and the associated order form is available in the download area.


ZENITH has restructured his after sale service. Get spare parts from Boley.
We are glad to inform you that the global activ watch manufacturer ZENITH baesd in Swiss (Le Locle) has put his confidence on us to represent the ZENITH after sale service in their interest.

As Official ZENITH After Sale partner we carry a large stock of Original ZENITH Spare parts. We can supply the new spare parts as well the old parts.

Right now you can order your sapre Parts together with all other parts to your atelier. Your benefit one quick delivery in one shipment!

Please feel free to contact us...
Cleanroom 2013

Sticky mats, finger cots, cleaning wipes, overshoes and more.
From now you'll find under the rubric  a wide range of clean room products and their accessories for your workplace and the workshop.. From sticky mats, swabs, overshoes, special cleanroom wipes, work gloves to bouffant caps.

Download here a compilation of clean room products.

download pdf
Care Range

The new innovative - bonflair - care range for gold, silver, pearls, stainless steel and costume jewellery. 
BOLEY presents you with the BONFLAIR® care products a completely new house product line of high quality hygiene products, including silver, gold, jewellery and stainless steel jewellery.

The products are of excellent quality and are manufactures exclusively with high-quality ingredients: all silver and gold baths – regardless of packaging size – for example, include the ATP7- tarnish.

In addition, we present you with the nanocleaners a fully new form of surface coating: many jewellers continue to struggle against the constant starting and discoloration of silver
jewellery. Nano-silver cleaner help safetly and sustainably to protect over a longer period.

All BONFLAIR® care products are made in Germany and are the result of years of research and development work represents.

Special offer with display:

You receive orders of 36 pieces care products
– whether soaking baths, sprays or foams – these high quality fitted stand with three dipping baths, two nursing care sprays and two foams will be free.

The sort you can make it yourself using the below shown care: For example
• 24 pieces silver baths and 12 pieces gold baths or
• 12 silver dips, 12 metal care sprays and 12 gloss foams

and the fully-stocked display you get for free as a bonus!

The new brochure "The innovative care range" with price impression, as well as the corresponding order form is available in the download area.

Witschi ChronoLine

ChronoLine, the new Witschi product family.
The new ChronoLine units, namely the ChronoProof seal-testing device and ChronoCube rate measurement unit, can hardly be beaten when it comes to user-friendliness and will really look the part in any salesroom. A couple of simple actions are all that is needed for high-precision, reliable measurement results.


Insert watch, contact sensor, job done. The ChronoCube is a revolution in user-friendliness, quality and design. It measures rate variation, amplitude and beat error in mechanical watches in five measuring positions and would grace any sales desk thanks to its timeless good looks.


The compact ChronoProof with integrated compressor turns you into a specialist able to reliably seal test all types of wristwatch in no time at all. No parameterisation, no programming – just insert the watch, close the test chamber and the rest takes place automatically.

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